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Great dancers, good food and an all round good night. Formal dress required, forget the tuxedo though. *You should reserve in advance for all of these places, speak to us when you arrive.

Tropicana (the old favourite for 50's gangsters and still very good)
72 St. and Línea del Ferrocarril. Marianao.
Tuesday to Sunday: From 20:30 to 02:00 hours

Parisién (new and very modern, great food)
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
O St. and 21, Vedado
From 22:30 to 04:00 hours

La Cecilia (dancing and various groups, not a true cabaret but still entertaining, wear long pants, mosquitos are in abundance)
5th Ave. between 110 and 112. Miramar.
Wednesday to Sunday: From 22:30 to 03:00 hours

El Palacio de la Salsa (See Cuba's best bands play salsa, fantastic ambience)
Habana Riviera Hotel
Paseo St. and Malecón, Vedado
From 22:00 to 04:00 hours

Guanabo Club
468 Street e/ 13 and 15. Guanabo.
From 20:30 to 06:00 hours

Marea Baja
Mégano Hotel
Vía Blanca km 22. Santa María del Mar Beach.
From 18:00 to 06:00 hours

5th Ave. e/ 466 and 468. Guanabo Beach
Thursday to Sunday: From 20:30 to 02:00 hours

La Maison (Great food and very select venue, Cuba's Top Models walk the catwalk daily from 10Pm to 11, followed by various live bands)
7th Street # 701. Miramar.
From 21:00 to 01:00 hours

Le select (Superb setting on fifth avenue. French cuisine and extensive wine list, large floodlit pool and expansive gardens)

5th avenue between 28th and 30th.



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Ads By CiberSpaces

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